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Ming Xiaoling


  • Ming Xiaoling, is the founding emperor of the Ming Dynasty Zhu Yuanzhang and empress martensite's tomb, because of the queen posthumous title "Xiaoci ", hence the name Xiaoling. Located at the southern foot of Zijin Mountain in the eastern suburb of Nanjing, Dulongfu played under Mount Everest, the west side of Maoshan Mountain, adjacent to Zhongshan Mausoleum in the east, and Meihua Mountain in the south, is the largest imperial mausoleum in Nanjing and one of the largest imperial mausoleums in ancient China. World Heritage site, July 2003. The surrounding tombs of Chang Yu Chun Tomb, Qiu Cheng Tomb, Wu Liang Tomb, Wu Zhen Tomb and Li Wenzhong Tomb were also included in the World Heritage Site. * Reference Website:http://zschina.nanjing.gov.cn/mxljq/

Address:7 shishi road, xuanwu district, Nanjing, China