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Presidential Palace

  • It is located on NO.292, Changjiang Road, Xuanwu District of Nanjing. Historical building remains after Ming and Qing dynasties. It’s also served as Tianwang palace during “Taiping Heavenly Kingdom-peaceful dynasty”, Sun Yat-Sen’s temporary presidential palace and National government’s hideout place. Until now it has more than 600 years’ history and is now national key protection unit, the national 4As level tourist scenic spot, and top-ten tourist scenic spot of Jiangsu Province. The scenic area has the biggest and preserved the most complete latest modern architectural group. The Nanjing China Modem History Site Museum which was built among the building groups, gathering the comprehensive nature,the ruins,the botanical garden type, which is a good destination to review modern history knowledge,develop patriotic education,enjoy the garden with ancient construct style.              

Address:No. 292, Changjiang Road, Xuanwu District, Nanjing, China