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WBG Based Magnetic Integration and EMI Mitigation
Prof. Fred C Lee
Virginia Tech, USA
IEEE Fellow

Abstract: The current design and manufacturing practice of switching power supplies have reached a level of impasse that further advances will be hinged upon the ability to integrate active components and passive components in a form suitable for automation. In the area of power devices, we have witnessed improvements in the integration of power devices, drivers, sensing and control, in a form of “Intelligent Power Module (IPM)” for motor drives and “Dr.MOS” for point-of load applications. However, today’s design practice for magnetic components remains largely unchanged for the past five decades.

With recent advances in wide-band-gap (WBG) power semiconductor devices, namely, SiC and GaN, we have witnessed significant improvements in several fronts. With the more than 10X increase in operating frequency, much higher power density can be realized without compromising efficiency. Moreover, the current magnetics design practices are challenged. Integration of magnetics with embedded windings in PCB can be realized for a wide range of applications and power levels, resulting in dramatic improvement in manufacturability as well as EMI/EMC.

The proposed wide bandgap based next generation of power supplies can be made ain a manner fundamentally different from the current state of the art. However, such a transformative change cannot take place quickly without our willingness to step outside our comfort zone and to embrace the changes.

Biography:Dr. Lee is a University Distinguished Professor Emeritus at Virginia Tech. He is a member of the U.S. National Academy of Engineering, a fellow of the US National Academy of Inventor, an academician of Taiwan’s Academia Sinica, and a foreign member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, China.   Dr. Lee founded the Center for power electronics and led a program that encompasses research, technology development, educational outreach, industry collaboration, and technology transfer. To date, more than 215 companies worldwide have benefited from this industry partnership program.

Dr. Lee has supervised to completion 87 Ph.D. and 93 M.S. students. He holds 96 US patents with additional 14 pending, and has published over 317 journal articles and more than 750 refereed technical papers. His research interests include high-frequency power conversion, magnetics and EMI, distributed power systems, renewable energy, power quality, high-density electronics packaging and integration, and modeling and control.

Dr. Lee is the recipient of the 2015 IEEE Medal in Power Engineering “for contributions to power electronics, especially high-frequency power conversion."