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Plenary Speaker

Foundation of Future High-End Intelligent Manufacturing—Multi-Axis Motion Control and Drive Integration Technology
Prof. Dianguo Xu
Harbin Institute of Technology, China
IEEE Fellow

Abstract: In order to meet the higher requirements of customers, the high-end intelligent manufacturing has become an important theme and a new challenge for nowadays industrial circles. Over the past few decades, a mature distributed architecture of the industrial motion control system, includes a motion controller and several single axis servo drives, has been formed. However, this classic structure also limits the further improvement of the manufacturing equipment performance. Fortunately, the high-performance SoC (System on Chip) controller which embeds several types of classic chips has become a new choice for the system design at present. Base on SoC, the integration of the motion control and drive, both in software and hardware, can be achieved, which can significantly improve the information interchange efficiency and reduce the cost owing to its powerful computational capability, high-speed internal bus and shared memory, and smaller volume. This presentation will introduce the development process of the control structure of nowadays industrial automation equipment in brief, share some practical experiences and slight inspirations of this control-drive integrati