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Nanjing Ming city wall


  • Nanjing Ming city wall, as a whole, includes the palace city, Imperial City, capital city and outer city walls built in the Ming Dynasty, which is the longest, largest and best preserved ancient city wall in the world. The construction of Ming Dynasty city wall in Nanjing changed the old system of square or rectangular city wall in the past. On the basis of building Kangcheng in the Six Dynasties, the city was built according to the direction of Nanjing mountains and water system. Now it is completely preserved for 25 kilometers, The wall with the length of 253.15 meters, from outside is 20.16 meters tall. The strip stone was used as the foundation under the wall with the height of 7.36 meters, and the stone wall above the foundation 12.8 meters high. For tourists to visit.There is also a famous scenic spot on the wall of Ming City, the former site of Taicheng.Here is the best place to enjoy the nanjing.“Taicheng Study Room”is a scenic spot in the fomer site of Taicheng.“Taicheng Study Room” is a tea house in the “Belly” of the 600-year-old Ming City Wall. It integrates historical and cultural heritage, landscape and forest landscape, and literary and artistic style. It is known as the most literary reading office in Nanjing. In the Taicheng study, you can experience tea ceremony, tea art and non-legacy activities.