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The Value of Wide-Band-Gap (WBG) Power Devices in Different Applications
Lifeng Chen
Infineon Industrial Power Control (IPC) Department, China

Abstract: Infineon Technologies has pioneered over past decades major power device concepts such as the Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor and the Superjunction concept. We are now adding to each of our leading edges WBG counterpart namely, CoolSiC™and CoolGaN™ to drive performance in different power conversion applications to hitherto unreached levels. However, these WBG devices will create new challenging to power electronic engineers due to fast switching behavior, thermal handling, driving methodology, and intrinsic failures (system reliability).

In this speech, Infineon would like to use different WBG devices design examples in different power conversion applications to show how to overcome the WBG devices design challenging.

Biography: Albert Chen is an application director in Infineon industrial Power Control (IPC) department. He is responsible for Greater China field application engineer team in new energy, power transmission distribution, traction, motor control & home appliance applications. He has almost 15 years’ experience in power electronics and power semiconductors. Before joining Infineon, Albert Chen was the design engineer and application director in Delta and Fairchild, who are the global top power supply manufacturer and power semiconductor company.

Albert Chen was awarded the Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Power Electronics by Zhejiang University.