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Bidirectional AC&DC power testing instrument
Kuocheng Wang
Chroma ATE Inc. Test & Measurement Instrument Department Director

Abstract: Chroma has the complete power test & measurement instrument, with the design of energy recycle bidirectional power converter, which has made grid-connected design a requirement for energy storage and renewable energy testing products. The modular design of bidirectional converter realizes AC or DC power testing instrument. The power recycle instrument feeds energy into the mains to meet the power saving needs. In this speech, discuss the design of DC/AC or DC/DC power converters. The design of bidirectional converter with fast response, with multi-loop feedback system stability and adaptability analysis.

Biography: Kuocheng Wang is a director in the test and measurement instrument department of Chroma. He was awarded a master's degree in electrical engineering from Cheng Kung University. Currently, he is responsible for the development of the R&D department including AC/DC Power Source, Recycle AC/DC Load, Battery Tester and other power instruments. He has more than 15 years of R&D experience, in high-power power electronic converter design, AC converter design, current sharing module design, resonant converter design.